About us


Progetto Steam was born in 2011 from passion and experience, dedicated to the research of motivations and insights to achieve the result that combines quality, originality and art, the result of continuous and thorough studies. The search for motivations, very important for us, consists to taking as reference the aesthetic characteristics of the past, the style, the techniques and the best models representative of these themes (medieval, fantasy, Victorian and steampunk arts).


The use of high quality materials is fundamental for us. The leather comes from central Italy, where the tradition of tanning and leather processing has been going on for over 800 years. Generally we use Leather rump, Dorsal of leather, vegetable, greased tanning with thickness of 2 mm and 4 mm.

The hypalon is another material which we use. Generally the Hypalon is an elastomer and good material for a series of characteristics. Aesthetically it is very similar to leather, but it is not possible to make incisions and is similar to rubber. Very economical it has an excellent aesthetic and durability. Thickness of 3 mm and 4 mm.

Why Progetto Steam

You can opt for foamworbla or cardboard works. There are many people who create real works of art, you can opt also for an economic choice made in china, but remember this: Steampunk is brass, leather, lights, gears, steam puffs and these features are important elements for a real and great outfit.

However, the steampunk is different from the cosplay. This is made in Italy. Lasts over time.

The Work in progress

We do commission works. If you have any idea, you can explain it with pictures or sketches.

We’ll ask you measures to start the work and you’ll receive pics of work in progress.

Fast Shipping

To Italy: 2 business days
To Europe: 2-3 business days

To USA: 3-4 business days
To Canada 4-5 business days


One of 15 best Steampunk pub in the world

steampunk boiler mask“… The Boiler in Salerno, the first of the list as surely the most Steampunk he has seen best in our country, where we are unbeaten (not just here from us) and we are happy (and yes, even proud) that you see right in our peninsula…”

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Steampunk on theater:

L as Alice is a theatral opera and video art from the novel “Through the Mirror” by Lewis Carroll and Antonin Artaud’s translation. In a steampunk place, our Alice undertakes a journey through the millions of doppelgänger that his character embodied in the ages.

A rocambolesque series of situations from the chapters of the book mixes with suggestive video installations linked to the protagonist’s imagination.

SteamThe Movie:

We met many people on the web as a master Pau Han Kho. A collaboration was born for a steampunk movie short named Steam The Movie, the production wins awards for several film festivals.

Starring: Jacky Dunnes, Shu Ming Tong, Andrew Lau, Edward Lau, Pau Han Kho

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