•  Steam COVID-19 in an campaign launched by some Italian artisans in order to raise funds and defeat the COVID-19 pandemic in Italy. This campaign allows everyone, citizens, companies and institutions all over the world to contribute to the efforts put in Italy against the ongoing Coronavirus contagion.
  • Italian Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte signed a Ministerial Decree on the 20th of March 2020, “Urgent Measures to Contain and Manage the COVID-19 Epidemic Emergency”, in order to reinforce the precautionary and preventative measures against the contagion.
  •  After all the efforts the institutions have made and all activities considered non-essential have been shut down, thus further limiting the habits of Italian people, we want to offer, through this fundraiser, a valid support to two heavily involved categories: hospital personnel and small artisan enterprises.
  • Donations will be used to guarantee all the support needed to help out physicians, researchers and nurses working in those hospitals involved in combating Coronavirus. A single deposit will be made to support everyone involved on the frontline, trying to satisfy the most important requests, depending on how much has been raised.
  • Globalization, immoral economical connections with other countries, unemployment and wrongly-lead foreign affairs have been a terrible blow for Italian handicraft and the “Made in Italy” in general. Now is the hardest of times: instead of being regularly salaried, artisans only earn depending on how much has been sold and, because of the COVID-19 emergency, activities, laboratories and enterprises are now shut down. Donations will guarantee the support they need to overcome the economical crisis that Italy is going through


Italy: cradle of the culture, centre of the world, hope for all.

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